EM Pulser NEW MODEL 110 includes AC Adapter/Recharger

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This New AC Adapter  has a RED and GREEN light indicator for battery charging. It will run the EM Pulser by itself, with or without any battery in it, or when turned off, recharge the battery in the EM Pulser for a full day usage.

Used worldwide this healing and amazing anti-inflammatory PEMF technology proves helpful in a variety of illness and injuries including soft tissue trauma, fractures, ankle sprains, arthritis, heart disease, stroke, gynecologic pain including PMS, neurodegenerative disorders, MS, migraine, skin ulcers, postop and traumatic wound healing, and virtually any inflammatory problem of stomach muscles, bursa, tendons, or joints. EM-Pulse technology has always been safe and has never had a reported side effect.

The EM Pulser weighs five ounces in a 1" x 3" x 5" case and can be used anywhere, while driving, shopping, working outdoors, powered by battery. Or use at home with the NEW AC Adapter/Recharger, that charges your battery when turned off and powers your device when turned on. Two rechargeable batteries are included along with the AC Adapter/Recharger. 

The EM Pulser is affordable  technology vastly superior to any other frequency devices and sells at a very competitive price.The low frequency magnetic fields passes completely through your body to heal deep injury and relieve pain. Since it is designed to activate the restorative and healing heat shock protein (HSP 70) within ten (10) minutes, with the famous "nanosecond risetime"of the magnetic pulses (see Dr. Gordon's DVD, explaining the antioxidant and HSP 70 benefits, sent FREE with every order), it has been found to be effective with Arthritis, Bruises, Swelling, Sprains, Cuts, Trauma, Carpal Tunnel, Backache, Sciatica pain, and fracture.


Testimonies  from  recent clients:

"I had cancer removed from my face 2 days ago. I used the Em pulser 2 hrs before surgery. After removal, before stitching I used the Tesla coil for 5 minutes  Afterwards the doctor stitched my wound. The doctor and nurse were surprised that there was no swelling or bruising. After stitching I applied Em pulser to wound. I never had pain. I did not use ice at all per dr Gordon’s instructions in his video.  The skin removed was 1/2” wide x 3/16” thick"  Here is a picture  on how it looks 2 days after surgery." Ted  S.


"I received my Pulser yesterday mid afternoon.  After I charged up the batteries & placed it on my sore left knee -  after only an hour the knee is free of pain! This knee has been sore for a long time. I am amazed! I just turned 71 last week & am a banged up Nam vet.   I'm am so glad I heard Dr.Valone on Coast to Coast AM as an "Insider" the next day!  I have a few other things I will be using it on. This device is great so far.....and I'm sure it will be in the future!  I will be sure to tell all my friends about it.  God Bless all of you there at Integrity!   Again..........Thanks so very much!  John  

" I'm using the EM Pulser to correct a trigger finger condition in the index finger on my right hand. I'm a professional pianist and church organist.  The condition is getting better each day I use it. Thanks so much for the EM Pulser. I'm going to purchase another one soon. "Bill S

" I have a B&B and one of my customers, had an earache for 2 days, I lent them my EM Pulser and withing minutes the earache was gone. It was miraculous.  My 2 brothers and my 2 sisters have the EmPulsers as well."  Howard J.

"I was having chest pains that were radiating down my arm, so I put the EM Pulser under my sweater on the left side of my chest for the next several days. Within a few hours my chest pain was completely gone. The next day, I could do a few steps going upstairs. By the end of the week, I could go upstairs all the way to the second floor without thinking about it. My heart was damaged as a child when I had rheumatic fever so I have had heart problems all of my life. -- Elaine C

"You cannot imagine how pleased we are with the relief we receive from the unit. It is definitely one of the best purchases we've ever made. Thank you for making this technology available and affordable. We just can't stop raving about this unit. I am so glad it can be used while plugged in; my husband and I take turns with it throughout the day. We'll be buying a second one in the near future. Thank you again, and good luck with your sales!" Sincerely, Michelle M.