Copper Antiviral/Antimicrobial Bracelet

Copper Antiviral/Antimicrobial Bracelet

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This is a simple pure copper bracelet that is adjustable and fits very comfortably, worn daily.

It is forged out of new heavy 4 gauge pure copper wire for men or lighter 8 gauge pure copper wire for women. Loses milligrams of copper ions each month which are absorbed through the skin forming an internal antiviral and antibacterial shield, as proven by the copper journal article.

Copper and copper alloys like brass, bronze, and copper-nickel, have long been known to have health benefits—but did you know these metals are naturally antimicrobial?  Some research has even gone so far as to show that copper kills certain viruses on contact. Meaning they can’t be transferred to the next
person who touches that copper doorknob. (This type of contact transmission is thought to be one way the novel coronavirus is spreading so quickly.)
"We’ve seen viruses just blow apart [on copper]," Bill Keevil, professor of environmental healthcare at the University of Southampton "They land on copper and it just degrades  them."


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