COFE12  Conference Registration

COFE12 Conference Registration

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Our latest conference on future energy technologies! Two full days of speakers on energy, propulsion and bioenergetics. 

Integrity Research Institute, sponsor of COFE12,  will present  a two-day conference on August 14-15, 2020 at the Crown Plaza Hotel in Albuquerque NM.  COFE traditionally fulfills the mission statement of Integrity Research Institute to "research scientific integrity in the areas of energy, propulsion, and bioenergetics".

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Confirmed Speakers:

* Dr. Milton Wainwright "Proof of the Seeding of the Earth from Space"
* Mike Gamble "New Force Developments with Breakeven for Gyro Propulsion"
* Dr. James DeMeo "Positive Evidence for the Cosmic Ether"
* Dr. Tom Valone "Climate Quantitative Discovery" and "Toward a Ufology Textbook"
* Ray Fleming "Electrons and Protons are Produced Together"
* Steve Hampton "Asymmetric Impulse Drive"
* Dr. Thorsten Ludwig "New Energy"
* Louis Rancourt "Gravity Effects from Laser Light"(invited)
* Dr. Dean Radin (Chief Scientist, Inst. of Noetic Sciences, webinar with Q&A)(invited)
* Mike Twitchell "Gravity, Quantum and Free Energy"
* Robert DeBiase "Casimir Force Producer Update"
* Dr. Edmund Storms "Cold Fusion:From rejection as a fiasco to being the salvation of civilization"
* Col. Eric Felt "Space Solar Power Demo and Research" (Director of AFRL in Albuquerque's Space Vehicles Directorate)