NASA Confirms that PEMF Rebuilds Cartilage

In my February Intro to the Future Energy eNews, I shared the 2011 NASA 4-Year Collaborative Electrotherapy Study on which Dr. Glen Gordon based his original small Empulse invention, which reversed his heart condition. It focused on “the most effective electromagnetic fields (EMFs) for enhancing growth and repair in mammalian tissues.” An excerpt of this study is reprinted in the EM Pulser 78 Manual because back in 2011, NASA found that the pulsed EMFs (PEMF), which were found to be the most effective, were “square waves with a rapid rate of change (dB/dt)” like our waveshape, and then confirmed it again in their latest discovery related to rebuilding cartilage. It just so happens that for years, we have faithfully reproduced Dr. Gordon’s technology with our portable EM Pulser 78, including a heart-friendly 7.8 Hz pulse rate (see Nature mag’s cardioprotection study for the benefits of this Schumann resonance pulse rate) and included a “high slew rate” in nanoseconds (billionths of a second rapid change in magnetic field (dB/dt), which is also advocated in the February 2023 NASA Tech Briefs. As Dr. Gordon discovered (his DVD is included with all EM Pulser orders) and we have confirmed, with many personal and client testimonials, such a locally applied PEMF of his special waveshape activates the heat shock protein (HSP70) which is a chaperone protein that does tissue repair and stops inflammation at the activated site almost immediately. We therefore have at least one medical physician using our EM Pulser 78 in the Emergency Room for a first response. So even though NASA is not explaining any of the biophysics, their 2011 and 2023 reported experimental data for the most effective waveform for healing and tissue repair are consistent with our IRI PEMF devices that include the EM Pulser 78, PulsePad, OsteoPad, MiniMat and MaxiMat products. Also, now that NASA reports that “The PEMF device could be wrapped around synovial joints where cartilage-degrading inflammation is located” this has been the design of our PulsePad 4”x6” accessory to the EM Pulser, which also includes a wide Velcro strap to accomplish any body limb wrapping for longer periods of treatment if desired.