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Integrity Research Institute is 501(c)3 Non-Profit, all volunteer, charitable organization, dedicated to researching, developing and educating the public on emerging energy technologies that are sustainable and eco-friendly for our planet and people.

Our Mission is to contribute to the vital work of Securing Our Future by investigating, documenting  and developing:

  1. Energy generating technologies, 

  2. Breakthroughs in new forms of propulsion and 

  3. Developing new bioenergetic devices that improve human health.

We have several memberships and levels for Individuals, Small Entities and Companies.  Also, any donation you make is fully deductible to the maximum allowed by the Internal Revenue Service. Your support at any level, big or small, is most appreciated. THANK YOU!

  • NOTE: For those who earnestly want to contribute to our Endowment Fund with more than a $1,000 grant to expedite fulfillment of our mission, please contact our headquarters at your convenience so we may work with you.


  1. Future Energy Newsletter Mailed quarterly, this newsletter keeps members up to date on the latest developments in emerging energy. The December quarerly mailing always has a special gift for IRI members only!

  2. IRI Catalog Annual list of IRI publications and hard-to-find emerging energy books, tapes, etc. 

  3. Members receive a 10% discount on all purchases.

  4. Frameable Certificate Institute’s declaration of the new member’s official status is suitable for framing to display his or her proud support.

  5. Conferences IRI holds one energy conference every one or two years. Learn from the experts about breakthroughs and receive 10% discount on conference admission fees!

  6. IRI Annual Report Mailed annually, this book is a great summary of the year.

  7. When you first join, you get a free gift. Choose from the following:
    a. Bioelectromagnetic Healing Electronic edition  b: Breakthrough Energy DVD. c. Electrogravitics Systems electronic edition. d. ZeroPoint Energy Fuel of Future electronic Edition.  Add one of these items to your cart and at checkout enter in discount box the code: MemberGift. You will receive it free!

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