Gold, Silver and Copper Tri-Bracelet

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This is a simple Gold, silver and copper bracelet that is adjustable and fits very comfortably, so can be worn daily. It is not jewelry, but an antiseptic device you wear.

It is forged out of new heavy gold, silver and copper. The bracelet loses milligrams of copper ions each month which are absorbed through the skin forming an antiseptic shield as proven by the copper journal article.

Copper and silver have both been shown to have antiseptic properties  – see  Copper Antiviral paper,  See Silver Antiviral Paper), so we decided to offer them in a combination bracelet, at a reasonable price. They are made from pure copper wire 8 gauge, with a 10 gauge sterling silver wire, and additionally with a 12 gauge gold-filled wire weaved together. The gold-filled wire contains 14k gold but also a brass core that presents some zinc ions that helps the immune system. IN total, the tri-metal bracelet provides copper, silver, gold, and zinc ions to the body, which are all absorbed readily into the skin. Medical studies have shown benefits for arthritis. The presence of gold seems to temper the effect of the ionic copper and silver, making it more comfortable to wear. There also is some evidence of biological effects of a precious metal like gold being absorbed by the body in atomic form (monatomic gold).

A special polishing cloth is supplied which has the ability to restore the sheen of the bracelet with only a few wipes periodically. This is helpful to remove the oxidation film over the copper for example that would normally reduce the availability of copper ions to the body. The bracelet is designed to be about 8 inches in length and bendable to fit any wrist. It can be worn 24 hours a day. We also offer a 30-day satisfaction guarantee.


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