Patents Progress Poster

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Comes in two sizes:

26" x 36"   LARGE      

18" x 24"   MEDIUM   


This is a wonderful, educational poster for young and old alike.  It includes the basic steps that every patent application goes through at the USPTO, with an investigative Sherlock Holmes appearing in many places. Furthermore, the conditions of obviousness are graphically portrayed, and "patent emergency service" is given medical attention. Advisory actions and board of appeals are comically represented and the stages of patent issue or patent abandonment are represented in artistic fashion right out of Dante. Issue is a stairway to heavenly bliss, and abandonment is a descent into fiery depths.  For those interested in learning the Patent Rules and Regulations for the first time, many small boxes summarizing all of the conditions of patent examination are included. Guaranteed to provide hours of learning enjoyment as a resource full of useful information. Cameos of Mark Twain, Abraham Lincoln, and Thomas Jefferson are also included with their quotations. At the top, the poster states: "Many people hold the misconception that the Patent Office, is a place were inventors sit in a waiting room, holding their inventions in their laps. Patents Progress is an attempt to dispel this myth by depicting a more realistic journey through the legal and technical labyrinth known as the Patent and Trademark Office.  This journey begins at the lower right-hand corner." Therefore the poster is laid out in the appearance of a board game. Designed and painted by two Patent Examiners.