PREMIER High Voltage Machines

This Energy Medicine Machine is the Complete Package and the Favorite of all Practitioners, Chiropractors and Energy Healers. 

We have 3 models:


2) PREMIER 2000

  The PREMIER 2000 is a combination of High Voltage with a Lakhovsky Antenna.

3) PREMIER 4000

  The PREMIER 4000 is a specially designed chair, a great addition to any room.

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The PREMIER,  which stands for: Photonic Rejuvenator Energizing Machine and Immunizing Electromagnetic Radiator is an upgrade of the Violet Ray grandfathered under the FDA. This versatile electromedicine machine was developed by biophysicist Thomas Valone, PhD, PE, author of Bioelectromagnetic Healing: A Rationale for Its Use . Based on the Tesla and Rife technologies, and the Azure patent #6,217,604 "Method for treating diseased states, using an electromagnetic generator." It transfers High Voltage but very low current electrons directly through the skin . Using either of these noble gas tubes contacting the skin and electrified to 40,000 volts, the person will receive antioxidant electrons into the body tissues.  Studies  have shown that they directly neutralize free radicals, kills viruses and regenerate nerves . It is also noted for relieving pain as it aids in the repair of organs and joints. You will be able to feel it working right away. The PREMIER line also has good results for improving Prostate issues such as BPH (Benign Prostatic Hypertrophy)  and erectile dysfunction.  Excellent results also for any viruses, such as hepatitis,  herpes, Epstein Barr, lyme disease, and HPV among others.

Plus, you get a FREE copy of the Bioelectromagnetic Healing book AND the PREMIER line of products comes with a 30-day money back guarantee and a one-year warranty!


More  testimonials:

"40 hours ago I had cancer removed from my face. I used the EM pulser 2 hrs before surgery. After removal before stitching I used the PREMIER Jr. Tesla coil for 5 minutes   Afterwards the doctor stitched my wound. The doctor and nurse were surprised that there was no swelling or bruising. After stitching I applied em pulser to wound. I never had pain. The skin removed was 1 1/2” wide x 3/16” thick.  Here is a picture of my wound . Its amazing!" Ted S

"I am a chiropractor and have used many machines in the past.  The PREMIER jr is amazing!, I have no health challenges but enjoy the extra energy I receive from it. I use it morning and night, 5 minutes each. Thanks so much! - Dr. G


"I have been suffering from nerve damage in my back for several years now. I have had several operations, physical therapy and tons of pain killers. I heard you on Coast to Coast Radio Show and decided to order the PREMIER jr. WOW! I experience relief immediately, so much so that I brought it to my neurosurgeon's office and asked that they include it in my treatments. My doctor was so impressed that he bought one as well!  I use it morning and night and will never be without it! Thanks so much"  Elliot W.--

I recently purchased the Premier Junior and the results have been magnificent. I bought this model to help with muscular and joint problems I’ve accrued over years of intense physical training. Using the Premier Junior has increased my energy throughout the normal workday and decreased my healing times. I ran my first ultra marathon yesterday. Afterwords I drank water and used the Premier Junior. Normally, I would not be ready to train for at least 3 days but I ran 6 miles today and didn’t skip a beat. I will look into the other products in your catalog and anticipate another purchase soon. Mahalo!


Note: The FDA has not evaluated any of the above statements recently. None of these products are intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent disease.


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