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Now you can energize your cells while relaxing! No need to do anything other than turn on the switch and PREMIER 4000 does the rest!

This PREMIER, with its Super Quiet Sterling Silver sparkgap, will boost your TransMembrane Potential (TMP) with the: 250 kV; 12” Tesla Coil;1 gas tube; visible full spectrum spark gap light emitter; Timer controlled on/off switch; resistive TouchPad for seat and back; Noble gas tube Wand accessory; Tesla coil broadband EMF energy output connects directly to user, thus doubling or tripling effective reception, compared to other similar products on the market. User can light a compact or four foot fluorescent bulb in hand, just like Nikola Tesla. All cells in the body instantly receive a high voltage potential. Free copy of Bioelectromagnetic Healing book. explains theory of operation.  

A multiple combination experimental electromedicine machine was developed by our resident  biophysicist Thomas Valone, PE, and is based on the Azure patent #6,217,604 “Method for treating diseased states, in particular AIDS, using an electromagnetic generator.” It energizes the body in a very short exposure. Total-contacting position and take advantage of the Noble Gas Wand to receive electrons which studies show directly neutralize free radicals. Invigorating and disinfecting, many people use it everyday to increase their ATP production, TMP and resistance,


None of these statements have been evaluated by the FDA. Product is not intended to treat, cure or prevent disease.