Light Emitting Diodes Therapy Devices

Based on the scientific findings from many labs, including NASA's research on healing with LED lights and the latest research at the University of Surrey, England for lowering blood pressure, these devices are the best non-drug alternatives.

Safe, effective, affordable LED light can speed healing, soothe sore muscles, ease chronic pain, relieve stiffness, increase circulation and even lower high blood pressure. You will be  amazed by their rapid effects.

We carry 3 Models:

  • Blue Light LED  470 nano meters.

  • Red Light Turbo Dual Array Red/Near-InfraRed  660/850 nano meters.

  • High Power Turbo Dual Red Light Red/Near-InfraRed 660/850 nano meters 


We also carry a Comprehensive Report on the healing properties of light therapy for many diseases and life processes.


Here are some testimonials



" I use my LED for my skin rash and has helped a lot! "  Thanks. Nancy L


Note: The FDA has not evaluated any of the above statements recently. None of these products are intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent disease.


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