Our EM Pulser 78 Improves Memory with Long Lasting Effects

A new article in Nature Neuroscience (August 2022) reports “repetitive (4-day) transcranial alternating current stimulation (tACS) protocols for the selective, sustainable enhancement of auditory–verbal working memory and long-term memory in 65–88-year-old people.”

Experiment #1, reproduced with the EM Pulser for working memory improvement

Our EM PULSER does this for you! For us seniors, this is good news, with “preferentially improved long-term memory on days 2–4 and 1 month after

intervention.” So with my Sherlock Holmes hat on, I decided to investigate what modulation of “synchronous low frequency” the Boston University scientists were using. Their focus was simple: (1) Working Memory (WM) for brief information storage and (2) Long Term Memory (LTM) for sustained maintenance of information. They did stimulate for 20 minutes, four days in a row, and tested for a month afterward. The findings are remarkable and reproducible with the IRI EM Pulser 78, which has a 7.8 Hz Schumann Resonance pulse rate.

The first protocol used by the scientists was to electrode the left side of the skull (IPL), focusing on the spot above the ear with a theta brainwave 4 Hz pulse rate to stimulate WM. Many of us know that many electrode(s) to the body experiment has often resulted in noninvasive improvements with magnetic pulsing instead (which causes internal electric currents by Faraday’s Law). The bone healing research of Drs. Bassett, Pilla, and Becker are the prime example that I always cite as medical doctors who preferred the noninvasive magnetic coil pulsing over electrodes. Therefore, also knowing that 8 Hz is the first harmonic of 4 Hz, we can scientifically and confidently apply our EM Pulser 78 to the same spot on the skull for 20 minutes per day, four days in a row, to get very similar results. See the photo I took wearing our EM Pulser 78 on the left side of my head with our free, supplied Velcro headband.

Experiment #2 Reproduced with the EM Pulser for long term memory improvement

The second protocol at Boston University was to electrode the left front of the forehead focusing on the spot above the left eye with a 60 Hz pulse rate for LTM. Here, a little research reveals that the gamma brainwaves vary a lot more and average about 40 Hz, which is the fifth harmonic of 8 Hz, so the application of an 8 Hz magnetic pulse on the left forehead may approximate the more involved electrode placement over the forehead and skull. This is accomplished with the EM Pulser 78 placed on the left forehead with the same Velcro strap.

For those who already have the EM Pulser 78 (or those who buy them), you are invited to let us know if this additional use for improving memory helped you.

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