Dental Vapor Ionizer

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This Dental Vapor Ionizer system was designed by Dr Tom Valone, using the proven industrial principles of electrostatic precipitation, a negative electric charge is imparted to particles in an airstream, and then collected on an oppositely charged, Positive Collector plate (with an attractive Monet print in front) across a high voltage field in the dental operatory.  Designed at the request of Dr. Hal Huggins, this helped inexpensively solve the problem of removing millions of mercury atoms from the air quickly and more efficiently than ever before. Measurements performed by Dr M. Fisk,  averaged one minute for airborne mercury vapor removal following a drilling of an amalgam filling.  Instead of slow-moving ionizing on the ceiling when a cloud of dense mercury metal vapor is at the patient level, this fan-assisted inline Dental Ionizer vitalizes the air, invigorating the patient and dentist alike with healthy negative ions, while it maximizes the immediate transport of all microscopic mercury metal vapors away from the dentist and the patient toward the charged Positive Collector.