EM PulsePad

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A wonderful improvement to the Star Wars-like device, EM Pulser. Elaine Chen, a volunteer on our staff asked if we could create a small pad with the magnetic coil inside but wire it to the controls.
We thought that was a great idea so a few weeks later, she named it the "EM PulsePad" and the name stuck. It has the SAME properties as the EM Pulser above but with the convenience of the flat, six inch pad with a washable sleeve. EM PulsePad It provides a convenient placement under clothing so that the wire can be discretely connected to the control box which is put in one's pocket.

INCLUDES: AC Adapter, Recharger and Two Li-Ion rechargeable Batteries.


Here is what our clients have said: "I really like the softer pad to put against the jaw for teeth infection or against the neck and shoulder to relieve tightness. It is so much more convenient to slip the pad against the body and wear a fanny pack to hold the unit." -- Helen E.

"Thank you all so much for your products. I just ordered the EM PulsePad. I have been using the Em Pulse for several nights on my arthritic hands and I have decided that I now want the EM PulsePad. Don’t laugh but I have been holding it in my hand to ease the pain so I can go to sleep and it works. I am so grateful for this device and I can’t thank you enough for your help" Norma P.

"My bum ankle feels a little less stiff this am. The pulse equipment is effecting me; it is not just a placebo. [Next day...] Guess what. After treatment on my bum ankle yesterday, I have more mobility in it than I can remember since the surgery 50+ years ago." - - friend of Chad A. using his PulsePad