Betavoltaic batteries by Paul Brown & Radiant Energy Generator B Perrault COFE DOWNLOAD

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Dual  Presentations download. First  by Dr Paul Brown on a Nuclear battery that converts energy to electricity. A betavoltaic battery is a nuclear battery that converts energy from beta particles (electrons) released by a beta emitting radioactive source, such as tritium, into electrical power. The application of tritiated amorphous silicon as an intrinsic energy conversion semiconductor for betavoltaic devices is presented

Bruce Perrault utuilizes a pumping effect to siphon electrons then stored to high voltage capacitors. Then a HV charge converts to a usable power frequency.The radiant energy power generation process artificially induces and controls nuclear energy: by proton capture to produce neutrons (endothermic), neutron capture (exothermic), and internal tube conversion, to favor the production of electrical energy.