COFE9 DVDs  Individual Speakers & Complete Set

COFE9 DVDs Individual Speakers & Complete Set

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IRI was happy to host the Ninth Conference on Future Energy with progressive speakers in 2017. You may order individual DVDs here by specifying which name you are ordering in the drop down menu:  Aidan Shaffer, Glen Robertson, Dr. James Purvis, Dr. Thorsten Ludwig, Robert DeBiase, Dan Grebenisan, Don Reed, Mike Gamble, Russ Anderson, William Alek, Dr. Nimala Khandan, Dr. Glen Rein, Dr. Carolyn McMakin.  Complete set contains 14 DVDs.

  1.  Aidan Shaffer:  Living off the Grid
  2. Glen Robertson: Acceleration mechanics for New Propellentless Drives
  3. James Purvis PhD: Electromagnetic Angular Acceleration and Segmented-Capacitor Propulsion Systems.
  4. Thorsten Ludwig PhD: Casimir Forces Experiment Results
  5. Robert DeBiase:  ZPE Quantum Fire Project 
  6. Dan Grebenisan: New Bioenergetics Systems.
  7. Don Reed: Scalar Electrodynamics Proof of Principle
  8. Mike Gamble: Control Moment Gyro Experiment Results
  9. Russ Anderson: J Searle Replication Experiments Results
  10. Bill Alek: Developing Practical Warp Drive Engine Technology
  11. Prof Nirmala Kandam: Harvesting Net Energy from Urban Wastewater
  12. Dr Glen Rein: DNA Properties with Subtle Energies
  13. Carolyn McMakin: "Resonant Effects in Clinical Practice Part 1
  14. Carolyn McMakin:  "Resonant Effects in Clinical Practice Part 2