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We are happy to now offer our COFE12 Conference Double DVD Set. The event was livestreamed but many people who registered at may not have seen the entire conference for many reasons. This DVD SET of the entire COFE12 Online Conference has 16 hours of presentations in MP4 file format and is ONLY $25 plus $5 shipping

What you will find, playable on any computer with Windows Media Player:

Steve Hampton presenting on his Asymmetric Impulse Drive theory and demonstration. Thrust is generated as impulses where in space, momentum is additive. Rotary motion is converted into bi-linear oscillation of a carriage then its momentum rectified.

Dr. Thorsten Ludwig, live from Berlin, Germany, talked about his findings about Zero Point Energy. Casimir predicted that zero point energy can be converted into a force with simple metal configurations. Dr Ludwig reviewed his projects that aim to use this force for propulsion and for generating electric power, as well as testing the mental effect on a single atom spin.

Dr. Tom Valone talked about paleoclimatology, a surprising study of the past 400,000 years of earth’s temperature, CO2 concentration, and sea levels, the tightly correlated relationship between the three environmental variables which are shown to change in lockstep, closely keeping pace with each other, throughout the recent earth history. Referring to the main climate graph which was produced and published in MIT Technology Review in 2006 by famed Dr. James Hansen from the NASA Goddard Space Studies Institute, Valone proved the valuable predictive information it holds for exact temperature projections at least up to 2100. As Greta Thunberg says in the COFE12 Program online: “Nature doesn’t bargain and you cannot compromise with the laws of physics…We must now do the seemingly impossible. And that is up to you and me. Because no one will do it for us.”

Mike Gamble presented two slideshows. The first one on Friday was on the latest developments with his gyroscopic inertial propulsion device (GyroBuild), thanks to his past specialty at Boeing where big versions were launched into space. The second presentation on Saturday was on his hobby of researching Nikola Tesla’s Motor.

Dr. Dean Radin, chief scientist from the Institute for Noetic Sciences, presented on “The Resurrection of Magic” that includes a study of amazing individuals with extraordinary power of healing for example, with reference to his recent books, The Conscious Universe (HarperOne) and SuperNormal (Deepak Chopra Books) as well as Real Magic (Crown Pub., Random House).

Paul Murad, a former defense contractor, talked about “Gravitation as a Rotational Field”. Paul also contributed a chapter in the new Valone book, The Future of Energy (Nova Sci. Pub.).

Colonel Eric Felt from Kirtland AFB was very enthusiastic about his work on the AFRL Space Solar  Beaming Power Demonstration, which will be launched into space in the next few years,  as part of the Air Force Research Laboratory, Directed Energy & Space Vehicles Directorate.


Ray Fleming presented a nicely illustrated talk about his published theory concerning the generation and destruction of electrons and protons as a source of energy.

Dr. Ed Storms, a former scientist at Los Alamos National Labs, covered the history of cold fusion research and the previous cold fusion controversy. In addition to the technological importance of the effect, the discovery of new ways to initiate nuclear reactions without producing significant radiation reveals an entirely new mechanism operating at the nuclear level in solid material. His new book is “Explanation of Low Energy Nuclear Reactions, An Examination of the Relationship Between Observation and Explanation”.

Dr. Louis Rancourt,  in a presentation from the Czech Republic, November 2019, described his research into how light beams can affect gravity but not mass. The experiments are detailed and have been published in Applied Physics Research as well as in Physics Essays and on a NASA public forum website.  We found his research to be very intriguing, hard to explain, and was referred to us by Dr. Thorsten Ludwig.

William Alek described his research into “Harnessing Electron Spin Energy” for useful work. An Electron is self-powered by Sub-Quantum Electromagnetic Vacuum Energy. Can this Electron Energy be harvested as a useful source of energy? This presentation provided the best scientific reasoning for utilizing electron spin, such as with magnetic motors since magnetism is driven by spinning electrons.

Lastly, Dr. Tom Valone ended the conference with an historical review of the best documented technologically interesting UFO incidents in recent times. As a study directed “Toward a University Textbook on Ufology”, this presentation has 12 major chapters and will be submitted to an academic textbook publisher, since Valone used to be a college teacher. It is filled with lots of short videos and colorful slides.