Nikola Tesla Electricity Unplugged   Paperback edition

Nikola Tesla Electricity Unplugged Paperback edition

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Nikola Tesla's Electricity Unplugged is a unique anthology of hand-picked Tesla articles by the world's wireless power experts, arranged historically, which presents overwhelming and convincing evidence for the reality of Tesla's high efficiency, low cost wireless power transmission. Following in the footsteps of the editor's first book in the series, Harnessing the Wheelwork of Nature (see below), Dr. Tom Valone's book chronologically traces the original intention that Nikola Tesla had for his wireless electricity and how he updated and expanded upon it later on, with reprints of his key articles, to the recent genius engineers and physicists who are now finally bringing this last and most elusive, highly advanced Tesla technology into reality. The Corum article (along with the Peterson article) on the Zenneck wave transmission experiments culminates the viewpoints of all of the book's contributors, showing that commercial implementation is imminent. Almost 20 contributors in a unique 457-page book that is the best authoritative reference volume without any similar book in print today.