OsteoPad (Single Pad 18"x14")

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This unique PEMF (Pulsed Electromagnetic Fields) invention involves the novel implementation of electrotherapy for those suffering from osteopenia or osteoporosis or even osteoarthritis by medical doctors, Bassett, Becker and Pilla. This amazing product comprises the specific, patented signal for resonating with the bone calcium channels to open them for transport across the cell membrane, thus simulating the performance of weight-bearing exercise.  IRI has studied their work and created the consumer electrotherapy unit which we now call the "OsteoPad" which should have been available years ago. The OsteoPad is easy to use, with a flat series of pancake magnetic coils forming a Spiral Toroid, covered in a soft, flannel zippered cover, connected to the simple Control Box which can be set on the nightstand for all-night treatments.

We use a special "SpiralToroid" magnetic field design with a toroid formed from an opposing pair of pancake coils in a special FlexiCircuit TM which is soft and pliable, inside a waterproof vinyl sleeve, each pair together generates a toroidal (donut-shape) magnetic field that circulates about six inches above the pad to bath the body area with healing nanosecond rise time 250 Hz pulses (1% duty cycle) of gentle magnetic energy (milligauss range alternating, very narrow pulses), as diagrammed below.


For a full body version see OsteoPad Maxi

For a full body version with 2 Pads see OsteoPad Maxi Deluxe

30 day Money Back Guarantee on all Models

 "1 out of every 2 people" in the US suffers or will suffer from bone loss as they age, which is called osteoporosis since the bones become porous without weight-bearing exercise to stimulate the piezoelectric bone to open calcium channels naturally. The OsteoPad signal does the work for the person and lets their bones absorb calcium and magesium directly.

Here is what our clients are saying: 

"I hope this email finds you well. I can’t thank you enough for putting such a well designed product available for public use. I’m a combat veteran that came back from war with several musculoskeletal problems and have benefited greatly from both the OsteoPad and the Premier Jr. I no longer take NSAIDS for pain. Your work is nothing short of inspiring." -- Emmanuel E

Here is a photo testimonial sent in by a Chiropractor who uses All the Osteopad Models:


 Our 75 year old Champion Testimonial. She uses the OsteoPad Maxi daily.

"I’m in Utah at The Huntsman Senior Games. Won again today...I’m having so much fun, meeting people from all over.  Today’s stats: 11.35 miles 42:35 462’ 16.1 mph
I’ve got my osteopad with me." Sandy G.


Another testimonial

“Yes its working. Bones are stronger than using the treadmill using an antigravity treadmill alone. The Osteopad allows me to do exercises which  a few months ago would have put me at high risk to fracture a bone in my feet or legs. Just before I got the Osteopad, I banged my toes on the floor and one toe broke! I would never have chance to walk again if the Osteopad wasn’t available.”   – Daniel A.